Best Time to Ask and Collect Online Reviews

Timing is everything.  Sports, life, career, etc.  Controlling the timing of your request for feedback to promote a future business will dramatically affect your conversion rate of feedback requests to glowing 5-star reviews.

The best time to send a request for a review is when the customer is at their very happiest moment.  Think about that.  If you are a computer repair shop and you just saved their hard drive with all their family photos and personal files they are loving you.  So just ask for a small favor in return that would mean the world to you and your business for them to provide honest feedback in the form of an online review.

It is a Win-Win-Win!

  • The current customer not only got great service and/or product, but they also get a good feeling for sharing positivity. I know I do when I write a review for someone that I genuinely like and respect.
  • You and your business not only make a better customer for the future but got solid proof that acts as a lead magnet and helps your online reputation
  • Future customers will find you and benefit from your business in the same way your current customers do.

Make it a habit!

Extra Tip: “Butter them up.”  Anything you can do to set the customer up to be in the proper mindset to go to the trouble or leaving a review will improve your conversion rate.  For example, for one client, when a card is sent to the client ahead of the request for a review the rate of improves by about 50%.  The card is a pure message of gratitude, not sales pitch of any kind.

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